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Market News

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Industry News

Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

Posted: 24 June

Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

The Hague, 24 June 2019

With the assistance of Eurojust, the Italian authorities seized almost EUR 84 million after unravelling a VAT fraud scheme involving the marketing of technological and computer products in the region of Campania. A total of 49 suspects are under investigation for tax crimes committed through so-called ‘carousel fraud’ by collecting the VAT for themselves...

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Posted: 14 December

The CBSP and KAS officers together with the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw dismissed another organized criminal group whose members are suspected of extorting VAT. As a result of the group's activity, the State Treasury may have lost over PLN 70 million. In total, 17 people were detained.

Police officers from the Warsaw Central Police Investigation Bureau are investigating together with the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw and...

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The Latest VAT Tribunal Cases

Posted: 12 July

The Latest VAT Tribunal Cases

Hi all, this is for information.

To assist you find the latest decisions we have found the links.

Click the links below to see the decisions of the relevant cases:


Full Decision Link - Click Here


Full Decision Link - Click Here


Full Decision Link - Click Here
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News feed - The Register

The Joy of Six... critical security patches: Cisco small biz switches open to hijacking via web UI

22 August - 01:18

Plus UCS and other gear need updates

Cisco has emitted a fresh round of software updates to address security holes in its network switches and controllers.…

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Cali court backs ex-Apple engineer who says he invented Find My iPhone and Passbook

21 August - 23:54

Computing giant labeled 'ungenerous' for fighting lawsuit

Apple has lost its bid to dismiss a former employee's lawsuit over claims he invented services like Find My iPhone and Passbook but was not included on patents subsequently filed by the tech giant.…

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Finally. Thanks so much, nerds. Google, Apple, Mozilla end government* internet spying for good

21 August - 23:28

* Terms and conditions apply. Offer not valid outside Kazakhstan. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments

On Wednesday, Google, Apple, and Mozilla said their web browsers will block the Kazakhstan root Certificate Authority (CA) certificate – following reports that ISPs in the country have required customers to install a government-issued certificate that enables online spying.…

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Eighty-year-old US 'web scam man' on the run after pocketing $250,000 in Dem 'donations'

21 August - 21:56

Feds claim John Pierre Dupont created fundraising websites supposedly for Beto O'Rourke, others, then nicked the dosh

A man facing criminal charges for bilking US voters out of $250,000 by accepting donations for politicians, including Beto O'Rourke, is on the run.…

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Here's a top tip: Don't trust the new guy – block web domains less than a month old. They are bound to be dodgy

21 August - 20:53

Better to be aggressive and safe than sorry

IT admins could go a long way towards protecting their users from malware and other dodgy stuff on the internet if they ban access to any web domain less than a month old.…

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Sueball claims Tesla solar panels are so effective, they started fires at Walmart stores

21 August - 20:00

Supermarket biz wants them torn out at Musk firm's expense

American supermarket chain Walmart is suing Tesla over claims that solar panels supplied by Elon Musk's company keep setting its shops on fire.…

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US soldier cleared of taking armoured vehicle out for joyride – because he's insane, court says

21 August - 19:00

60-mile Virginia roadtrip thankfully ended peacefully

A US Army officer who "borrowed" an armoured vehicle to go on a joyride has been cleared of wrongdoing by a military court – by "reason of insanity".…

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Brit-built trundlebot eyeing up a July 2020 launch as cams fitted to ExoMars mission rover

21 August - 18:00

Now, about those parachutes...

While ESA continues to grapple with balky parachutes ahead of the ExoMars 2020 mission, the cameras for the Rosalind Franklin rover have been fitted to the British-built trundlebot.…

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A challenger appears: Taiwanese devs' answer to Gemini PDA wraps a Raspberry Pi in a tablet

21 August - 17:02

Portable Linux with fully open-source hardware in the CutiePi

A team of Taiwanese engineers is planning to release an eight-inch tablet based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+.…

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Microsoft: Reckon our code is crap? Prove it and $30k could be yours

21 August - 16:00

Doors on the Edge Insider Bounty Program flung open

Having finally pushed out the first Beta preview of its Chromium-based browser, Microsoft has launched a bounty programme aimed at getting researchers to kick the tyres on its latest and greatest.…

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Sorry script kiddies, hacktivism isn't cool anymore: No one cares about stuff that's easy-peasy to defend against

21 August - 15:00

So much for Beto O'Rourke's cow-related capers

The youthful doings of US presidential wannabe Beto O'Rourke are in sharp decline, according to threat intel biz Recorded Future, which reckons folk have fallen out of love with hacktivism.…

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Latest sneak peek at PowerShell 7 ups the telemetry but... hey... is that an off switch?

21 August - 14:16

Where is Microsoft and what have you done with them?

Updated  Microsoft emitted a fresh preview of command-line darling PowerShell 7 last night, highlighting some additional slurping – and how to shut it off.…

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Shiny new toys take backseat in Android Studio 3.5 for now as '600 bugs' squished

21 August - 13:30

'Project Marble' focuses on quality ahead of big features

Google has released Android Studio 3.5, codenamed Project Marble, saying that the team has worked for eight months on product quality ahead of big new features.…

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Overseas investors eat the UK tech sector for Brexit: More cash flung about in 7 months than the whole of last year

21 August - 12:53

Weak pound and China trade war make Blighty attractive proposition – research

Foreign investors poured $6.7bn (£5.5bn) into the UK tech sector in the first seven months of the year, more than the whole of 2018.…

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Welcome to Hollywood, Claranet-style: You've (not) got mail, or hosted sites for that matter

21 August - 12:14

Hoddesdon bit barn outage blamed as customer emails falter, corporate sites go dark

Updated  Hosting-cum-cloud-slinger Claranet had a very, very bad start to Wednesday as customer sites toppled over and email services stuttered to a halt due to an issue at one of the company's server estates.…

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Brits are sitting on a time bomb of 40m old electronic devices that ought to be recycled

21 August - 11:27

Mountain of digital detritus 'not sustainable' – survey

Brits are stockpiling an estimated 40 million old phones and laptops instead of recycling their digital detritus, which contain elements that could run out in the near future.…

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Moore's Law isn't dead, chip boffin declares – we need it to keep chugging along for the sake of AI

21 August - 10:42

If you want to train neural networks quickly, keep packing in the transistors

Hot Chips  The machine-learning world is obsessed with training AI models as quickly as possible and if the hardware community is to keep up, future chips will need to have more memory.…

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Stuff like sophisticated government spyware is scary and all – but don't forget, a single .wmv file can pwn you via VLC

21 August - 09:57

Keep your media player, like other apps, up to date: 13 security flaws fixed

VideoLAN has issued an update to address a baker's dozen of CVE-listed security vulnerabilities in its widely used VLC player software.…

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Don't panic! Don't panic! UK IT job ads plummet as Brexit uncertainty grabs UK tech sector by the short and curlies

21 August - 09:10

Biggest recruiters for techies remain AWS, NHS and BSkyB Group

IT job postings in the UK are being battered by Brexit and the lingering uncertainty of leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement on 31 October.…

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My MacBook Woe: I got up close and personal with city's snatch'n'dash crooks (aka some bastard stole my laptop)

21 August - 08:02

Thief swipes Reg vulture's computer from under his fingers in cafe – here's what happened next

Comment  There were two fleeting moments of confusion: first when he grabbed my laptop from under my fingers and took off racing out the coffee shop; and second, when it became clear that the license plate wasn't real.…

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Can hyperconverged infrastructure live up to the hype and change your life? Tune in online next month to find out

21 August - 07:00

Scale Computing is here to drill through all the buzz

Webcast  As organisations see their volume of data growing at an ever-faster rate, many find themselves struggling to manage this avalanche of information, not just securely but without incurring exorbitant costs.…

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30+ countries, 160,000 emails, $4.2m in cyber-heists… maybe it's time for the Silence hacker crew to change its name

21 August - 06:00

Russian bank-hacking ring continues its global expansion

The rapidly growing hacking crew dubbed Silence, has – in less than three years – gone from ransacking small regional banks in Eastern Europe to stealing millions from some of the largest international banks.…

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There once was a biz called Bitbucket, that told Mercurial to suck it. Now devs are dejected, their code soon ejected

21 August - 01:49

...Knowing they just cannot duck Git: Repos to be deleted when support ends

The announcement this week that Bitbucket is dropping support for Mercurial is another nail in the coffin for the software.…

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Clip, clip, hooray: NASA says it will send Clipper probe to Europa, will attempt no landing there

21 August - 00:58

Forget Mars, Jupiter’s moon could be where life’s at

NASA has confirmed its Europa Clipper spacecraft will head off to the Jovian moon in search of signs of life and a landing zone for future exploration.…

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No REST for the wicked: Ruby gem hacked to siphon passwords, secrets from web devs

20 August - 22:21

Developer account cracked due to credential reuse, source tampered with and released to hundreds of programmers

An old version of a Ruby software package called rest-client that was modified and released about a week ago has been removed from the Ruby Gems repository – because it was found to be deliberately leaking victims' credentials to a remote server.…

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How four rotten packets broke CenturyLink's network for 37 hours, knackering 911 calls, VoIP, broadband

20 August - 21:12

FCC delivers postmortem after blunder cripples US fiber links

A handful of bad network packets triggered a massive chain reaction that crippled the entire network of US telco CenturyLink for roughly a day and a half.…

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Microsoft Chrom... Edge hits beta as new browser prepped for biz testing

20 August - 18:53

Where will you stand now that Redmond has raised the web-surfing stakes?

Microsoft has rolled out the first beta version of its Chromium-based Edge web browser.…

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IBM hears the RISC-V kids partying next door, decides it will make its Power CPU ISA free, too

20 August - 17:05

Big Blue says it will open OpenPower, power next-gen chips in China, er, anywhere

IBM is planning to allow chip designers around the world to freely create OpenPower-compatible processors.…

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Huawei goes all Art of War on us: Switches on 'battle mode' and vows to 'dominate the world'

20 August - 16:30

You listening, Trump?

An internal memo to Huawei staff sent by boss Ren Zhengfei is long on military metaphors and warns that the company needs to go into "battle mode" to counter trade barriers put up by the United States.…

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TSO Host no closer to solving customers' email issues as Brit firm pops up on more blacklists

20 August - 15:46

Punters bemoan comms silence with no fix in sight

Updated  Customers of Brit hosting outfit TSO Host are suffering from a cluster of issues leaving them without email services for a prolonged period or a clear idea when they'll get them back.…

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Python the latest language to slither into Microsoft's serverless Azure Functions service

20 August - 14:45

Look, we caught up with AWS

Python developers – the world of Azure Functions is yours at last.…

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You monsters: Screen time murders your kid's imaginary friend – until they reach school age

20 August - 14:03

British sprogs have a million pretend pals, says survey

A survey of 1,000 parents has found that pre-school kids who spend more than an hour gazing at screens every day are less likely to have an imaginary friend.…

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RIP Danny Cohen: The computer scientist who gave world endianness meets his end aged 81

20 August - 13:15

He also developed one of the first ever flight simulators

The computer scientist who created the first visual flight simulator, gave us the compsci concept of endianness and whose pioneering work blazed a trail for modern VOIP services has died at the age of 81.…

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Microsoft shares twin previews of Windows 10 with Insiders: Toys for some, coal for others

20 August - 12:30

You say mode, they say policy, S call the whole thing off

Windows Insiders were seeing double last night as Microsoft once again pushed out not one but two builds of October's Windows 10.…

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Squabbles over NASA's lunar lander, Astrobotics takes a punt on ULA and India arrives at the Moon

20 August - 11:45

Also: Rocket Lab launches eighth Electron, good and bad news for China

Round Up  While India arrived in lunar orbit this morning, bickering over who would lead NASA's next lander flared up, Rocket Lab notched another success and a Chinese satellite appeared to falter.…

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Bunch of US states said to be preparing fresh antitrust investigation into Google 'n' pals

20 August - 10:45

Amazon, Apple and Facebook also to face scrutiny – report

Several individual US state attorney generals are considering antitrust action against Google and other technology giants, according to The New York Times.…

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Lenovo ThinkPad X390: A trusty workhorse that means business but it's not without a few flaws

20 August - 09:08

Taking the PC maker's road warrior out on the, er, road

Hands on  Lenovo's latest ThinkPad X390 arrived at Vulture Central and was promptly taken out on the road to assess how the business darling took to its new togs.…

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IBM, Intel tease 2020's specialist chips: Power9 'bandwidth beast' – and Spring Crest Nervana neural-net processor

20 August - 07:57

Plus, Cerebras hypes up AI-focused '400,000-core die the size of an iPad'

Hot Chips  At the Hot Chips symposium in Silicon Valley on Monday, IBM and Intel each revealed a few more details about some upcoming processors of theirs.…

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Breaker, breaker. Apple's iOS 12.4 update breaks jailbreak break, un-breaks the break. 10-4

20 August - 02:58

File under: 'Breaking' news

iPhone hackers have discovered Apple's most recent iOS update, 12.4, released in July, accidentally reopened a code-execution vulnerability that was previously patched – a vulnerability that can be abused to jail-break iThings.…

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The Pwn Star State: Nearly two dozen Texas towns targeted by tiresome ransomware

20 August - 01:02

Officials suspect a coordinated extortion campaign

Twenty-three towns in Texas have been targeted with ransomware in what appears to be a coordinated attack.…

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Behold, the quantum lawsuit in which both sides claim victory: Rimini St fails to bag $30m refund from Oracle

20 August - 00:38

Order banning any further infringement stays, as does Big Red's legal bill

The quantum legal battle between Oracle and Rimini Street continues, with an appeals judge this month confirming Rimini can't claw back the $28.5m it was forced to cough up to foot Oracle's lawyer bills. And, yes, Rimini is still banned from ripping off Oracle's intellectual property.…

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Canadian ISP Telus launches novel solution to deal with excess email: Crash your servers and wipe it all

19 August - 22:19

Dell-EMC storage blunder leaves Canucks fuming for four days

Dealing with email is possibly the most tedious daily exercise that the modern digital world has forced on us. But 13 million customers of Canadian ISP Telus have discovered that not having that problem is more of a burden.…

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Dear Planet Earth: Patch Webmin now – zero-day exploit emerges for potential hijack hole in server control panel

19 August - 21:28

Flawed code traced to home build system, vulnerability can be attacked in certain configs

Updated  The maintainers of Webmin – an open-source application for system-administration tasks on Unix-flavored systems – have released Webmin version 1.930 and the related Usermin version 1.780 to patch a vulnerability that can be exploited to achieve remote code execution in certain configurations.…

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Generous Google gives Chrome users Inbox Zero: Sign-in outage boots own browser out of webmail, services

19 August - 21:18

Baffling bug forces folks to use Safari, IE, etc

A bizarre outage left unlucky Chrome users unable to sign into Google services, from Gmail to Google Docs to even Chromebooks, earlier today.…

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Trump blinks again in trade war bluff-fest with China: Huawei gets another 90-day stay of US import execution

19 August - 20:07

I want to get Huawei, I want to fry Huawei, yeah, yeah, yeah

Uncle Sam today granted another "extension" to Huawei, allowing the Chinese equipment manufacturer to continue to buy and use American electronic components and software despite being on an "entity list" of banned recipients of US tech.…

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Microsoft gets some jClarity on Azure Java workloads, swallows London-based firm

19 August - 16:40

Write once, optimise everywhere amirite?

Microsoft has snapped up London-based jClarity in an effort to bump up the performance of Java workloads on Azure.…

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Four more years! Four more years! Svelte Linux desktop Xfce gets first big update since 2015

19 August - 16:00

Hop from 4.12 to 4.14 fixes 'a boatload of bugs'. Hooray!

In contrast to the frenetic pace of updates now typical in the software industry, the team behind Xfce, a lightweight desktop for Linux, have released version 4.14 nearly four-and-a-half years since the last stable release, 4.12.…

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Dry patch? Have you considered peppering your flirts with emojis?

19 August - 15:04

Research suggests cutesy comms aid can get you laid

Had much, you know, 👌👈 recently? Perhaps you need to ⬆️ your emoji 🙃 game 🎮 as new research 👨‍🎓 has linked ⛓ using the cutesy online comms aid with going on more dates 💑 and getting laid 💦🍆.…

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Teen TalkTalk hacker ordered to pay £400k after hijacking popular Instagram account

19 August - 14:03

Sanitised browser history sparked another investigation

One of the crew who hacked TalkTalk has been ordered to hand over £400,000 after seizing control of a high-profile Instagram account following a hack on Aussie telco Telstra.…

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Microsoft Notepad: If it ain't broke, shove it in the Store, then break it?

19 August - 13:05

For the love of Windows, please leave that poor text editor alone

Roundup  It's the summer holidays. A good time to do things while nobody's watching. Except The Register, of course. Aside from sneaking Notepad into the Windows Store, last week Microsoft gave Insiders a new 2020 Windows 10 build, added features back into Skype, rounded out Azure's persistent disk storage and prepared a Typescript update.…

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