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Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

Posted: 24 June

Eurojust helps Italy and Slovenia unravel massive VAT fraud

The Hague, 24 June 2019

With the assistance of Eurojust, the Italian authorities seized almost EUR 84 million after unravelling a VAT fraud scheme involving the marketing of technological and computer products in the region of Campania. A total of 49 suspects are under investigation for tax crimes committed through so-called ‘carousel fraud’ by collecting the VAT for themselves...

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Posted: 14 December

The CBSP and KAS officers together with the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw dismissed another organized criminal group whose members are suspected of extorting VAT. As a result of the group's activity, the State Treasury may have lost over PLN 70 million. In total, 17 people were detained.

Police officers from the Warsaw Central Police Investigation Bureau are investigating together with the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw and...

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The Latest VAT Tribunal Cases

Posted: 12 July

The Latest VAT Tribunal Cases

Hi all, this is for information.

To assist you find the latest decisions we have found the links.

Click the links below to see the decisions of the relevant cases:


Full Decision Link - Click Here


Full Decision Link - Click Here


Full Decision Link - Click Here
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News feed - The Register

And now for this evening's space weather report. We've got a hotspot of satellite-wrecking 'killer electrons' in the outer Van Allen belt...

13 December - 22:51

...So consider rerouting your journey through that

Scientists have discovered a dangerous hotspot in Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts that spews so-called “killer electrons” that can knacker satellites and spacecraft.…

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Valuable personal info leaks from Facebook – not Zuck selling it, unencrypted hard drives of staff data stolen

13 December - 20:39

Car smash-and-grab ends with loss of payroll details for 20,000 employees

Facebook has lost a copy of the personal details of 29,000 of its employees after hard drives containing unencrypted payroll information were stolen from an employee's car.…

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US and China wave white flags, hit pause button on trade war

13 December - 19:00

Pending tariffs on notebooks, phones, monitors shelved as super powers strike 'prelimary' deal

Chinese officials have announced a preliminary agreement on phase one of negotiations with the United States - and of course US President Trump has leapt onto his favourite digital soap box to add his cents worth.…

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Rocket Lab ends year by cutting ribbon on first launchpad in the US

13 December - 18:00

Launch opportunities per year now over 130. Actually launched in 2019: 6

Peter Beck, boss of upstart small-sat flinger Rocket Lab, gave himself an early Christmas present this week as he declared the company's second launch complex, this time in the US, operational.…

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These are the droids you're looking for: Softbank launches Japan cafe staffed by bots

13 December - 17:15

Probably a better investment than WeWork

If you thought the service at your local Starbucks was robotic and impersonal, you might want to give Softbank’s newest Tokyo cafe a miss. Working alongside the company’s meatbag workers are a small army of Softbank Robotics’ droids, who’ll help serve and entertain the punters, and will even clean up after them.…

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Lynch was 'willing to lie' to High Court over Autonomy whistleblower, claims HPE

13 December - 16:45

Plus: Meg Whitman and Co had 'buyer's remorse' over $11bn purchase

Autonomy Trial  Mike Lynch was "thoroughly unreliable" and "willing to lie" to the High Court about the $11bn purchase of Autonomy by Hewlett Packard, according to HPE's lawyers in court yesterday.…

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Admins sigh as Microsoft pushes Teams changes – let everyone play!

13 December - 15:52

The 'experience' will be available from mid-January, 2020

Microsoft has been alerting admins today to changes to its Microsoft Teams Exploratory "experience", which effectively allow users to sign up for a trial rather than requiring admins to grant the privileges.…

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Creative cloudy types still making it rain cash for Adobe

13 December - 14:33

Maker of cloudy PDF and services software ... yes, that's Perpetually Dosh Forming

It was ho-ho-ho and a kerching for reassuringly expensive graphic design software maker Adobe last night as it danced all the way to the bank, reporting double digit spike in Q4 revenues (PDF) and an upward swing in profit.…

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Xbox Series X: Gee thanks, Microsoft! Just what we wanted for Xmas 2020 – a Gateway tower PC

13 December - 13:24

Redmond tears wrapping on new retro-look gaming console

It's always interesting to see where industrial designers source their inspiration. Tesla, in creating the futuristic CyberTruck, looked to the dystopian world of Blade Runner. Iconic '80s movie Back To The Future directly inspired Nike’s self-lacing MAG kicks. And in creating the upcoming Xbox Series X console, Microsoft's muse was presumably a Gateway tower PC from the 1990s.…

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GlaxoSmithKline ditches IR35 contractors: Go PAYE or go home

13 December - 12:20

Flexible workforce look to pre-election promises

Contractor organisations are insisting the Tory government sticks to promises to revisit IR35 reforms as it emerges that GlaxoSmithKline is ordering contractors to switch to pay as you earn tax arrangements or leave the company.…

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Hit one up on Insta, would you? Her Maj is after a social media manager

13 December - 11:35

Like Trump’s Twitter feed, except not

Her Majesty the Queen is after a head of digital engagement to run a small team of specialists based at Buckingham Palace.…

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Ever wonder how hackers could possibly pwn power plants? Here are 54 Siemens bugs that could explain things

13 December - 10:51

Arbitrary code execution in a controller, what could go wrong?

Siemens industrial control systems designed specifically for energy plant gear are riddled with dozens of security vulnerabilities that are, luckily enough, tricky to exploit from the outside.…

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Attention! Very important science: Tapping a can of fizzy beer does... absolutely nothing

13 December - 10:00

But Danish boffins tapped cans on the side, not the top – we demand a retrial

Should you be faced with the horrors of a shaken can of beer and an urgent need to open it, science has solved the question of whether or not tapping the can helps reduce the fizz when it is opened.…

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Mmmm... fresh, delicious tenders: Forget G-Cloud, this £6.5bn Technology Products and Associated Services framework is where it's at

13 December - 09:04

Will no one think of the SMEs? Oh, actually some have made the grade

The UK's central government is dangling up to £6.5bn under the noses of resellers to supply commodity hardware, software and services across the British public sector for the next four years.…

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Why is the printer spouting nonsense... and who on earth tried to wire this plug?

13 December - 08:04

A tale of entry-level electrical skills

On Call  There's just one more day to get through before the weekend is upon us so burn a few minutes by chortling at the misfortune of others with On Call.…

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Are you an AI guru? Can you teach ML skills to Register readers? Great! Our MCubed call-for-papers is open for you

13 December - 07:06

We want to hear you share your insights, experiences, and plans

Event  Our machine-learning conference MCubed returns to London next October, and we’d love to hear about your latest adventures in the worlds of artificial intelligence and analytics.…

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100 mysterious blinking lights in the night sky could be evidence of alien life... or something weird, say boffins

13 December - 05:56

Either way, we'll take a one-way ticket, please. Now. Thanks. Good

A hundred red objects blinking in and out of existence across Earth’s skies over the past 70 years have left scientists giddy: they believe this could be evidence of previously unseen astronomical phenomena or – and hold tight, now – alien civilizations.…

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NPM swats path traversal bug that lets evil packages modify, steal files. That's bad for JavaScript crypto-wallets

13 December - 02:05

Trio of vulnerabilities made registry full of uncertain code even more of a risk

On Wednesday, NPM, Inc, the California-based biz that has taken it upon itself to organize the world's JavaScript packages into the npm registry, warned that its command line tool, the npm CLI, has a rather serious security vulnerability. Version 6.13.4 has been rushed out with a fix.…

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Larry Ellison sets the Catz among the pigeons: Safra officially sole Oracle CEO

13 December - 00:38

Think of a number, triple it, add seven, multiply by zero, and that's pretty much this tech giant's Q2 revenue growth

Oracle's financial figures were more or less flat in its latest financial quarter compared to a year ago.…

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OK. We're off. Water ice found just below the surface of Mars. Good enough for us. Let's go. Impulse power, Mr Sulu

12 December - 23:21

Let's grab a nice cold drink on the Red Planet. Don't forget to pack a shovel

There’s water ice buried below the surface of Mars, and all you’ll need is a shovel to dig some up, according to research published in Geophysical Research Letters this week.…

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Are you writing code for ambient computing? No? Don't even know? Ch-uh. Google's 'write once, run anywhere' Flutter is all over it

12 December - 21:49

Techies lay out modest ambition to provide development framework for everything. Where have we heard that before?

Google has translated Java's "write once, run anywhere" promise into the words "ambient computing," which it has begun using to explain Flutter's reason for being.…

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Cops storm Nginx's Moscow offices after a Russian biz claims it owns world's most widely used web server, not F5

12 December - 21:14

Rambler claims code creator was working for them at the time and so they own tech worth $700m

Nginx's Moscow office was raided today by police after the ownership of the popular web server's source code was disputed.…

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Iran says it staved off cyber attack but doesn't blame US

12 December - 18:12

Here's a rundown of some of the Middle East's cyber argy-bargy

Iran claims to have staved off a major cyber attack on its national infrastructure, a couple of months after the Middle Eastern theocracy was blamed for real-world assaults on two Saudi oil refineries.…

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Londoner admits illegally accessing National Lottery accounts

12 December - 17:17

Sentencing due in January for Sentry MBA shenanigans

A London hacker is facing jail after he admitted illegally accessing National Lottery gambling accounts.…

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Oracle leaves its heart in San Francisco – or it would do if, you know, Oracle had a heart

12 December - 16:43

OpenWorld moving to Vegas, baby: SF now too expensive not to mention the filthy streets, open drug use...

Oracle's massive OpenWorld shindig is relocating from hipster central to the desert, or put another way, from San Francisco to Las Vegas.…

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HPE to Mike Lynch: You told either El Reg or High Court the right version of why former Autonomy execs won't testify

12 December - 16:05

You know it's solid reporting when trial lawyers start quoting it

Autonomy trial  The Autonomy trial has resumed – with The Register being furiously quoted in legal arguments as Britain's biggest fraud trial begins slowly rolling towards its close.…

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No box shifting, no Buck Rogers. Bezos-backed Blue Origin blasts off once again

12 December - 15:15

Postcards from the edge... of space?

It has been a while but after a hiatus of more than seven months and a weather-induced delay, the rocket outfit bankrolled by billionaire box-flinger Jeff Bezos has sent its New Shepard booster into the blue.…

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Microsoft enables phone calls from your Windows PC (as long as it's paired with an Android)

12 December - 14:30

Plus: Insiders yanked from their rings

Microsoft has decided that the Calls feature of its Android-bothering Your Phone app is ready to be unleashed upon the wider world.…

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Disgrace of Base: Scammy hordes force Keybase to end cryptocoin giveaway

12 December - 13:50

It's Lumen awful: Space Drop halted due to excessive douchebaggery

Citing an explosion in fraudulent accounts, Keybase says it is ending its maligned Stellar Space Drop giveaway.…

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Hey Dixons, you know what's mobile? Your rapidly shrinking sales

12 December - 13:15

Loss-making unit still putting hurt on 'puters 'n' phones biz

If ever there was a good time to release bad news, it is today. As luck would have it, Dixons Carphone has filed a set of crappy half-year financials that show the extent of the damage that its loss-making mobile business is wreaking.…

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Post Office coughs £57.75m to settle wonky Horizon IT system case

12 December - 12:38

Split between 550 subpostmasters accused of theft, that's not much

The UK's Post Office has finally agreed to settle a long-running case brought by postmasters the company accused of theft based on evidence from the Horizon IT system.…

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It's a billion-ton, 14-million-mile long mysterious alien formation – and Earth is heading right into it

12 December - 12:04

Yes, it's the debris tail of asteroid 3200 Phaethon, the source of the annual Geminids meteor shower

Asteroid 3200 Phaethon's thick trail of debris, which is the source of the annual Geminids meteor shower here on Earth, has a mass of about a billion tons, is 60,000 miles wide, and is more than 14 million miles long.…

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It's time you were T0RTT a lesson: Here's how you could build a better Tor, say boffins

12 December - 11:16

Uni brains pitch smart math for speeding up establishment of circuits in anonymizing onion network

Academics in Germany say they've found a way to make Tor and similar onion networks more efficient and lower their latency.…

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ERP disaster zone: The mostly costly failures of the past decade

12 December - 10:45

Billions wasted, lawsuits launched

Enterprise resource planning projects are notoriously difficult to get right. While everyone wants the latest tech, that is less than half the challenge, and whether organisations choose Oracle, SAP, Infor, or IFS, they face a dilemma.…

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Microsoft movie tried to Azure Ignite attendees about CPU side-channel flaws, but biz wouldn't be drawn on details

12 December - 10:00

'Sir, they're about to disclose the vulns!' 'Damn it. Accelerate the rollout!'

How does Microsoft mitigate the risk of speculative-execution bugs on its Azure platform? The US goliath is unwilling to comment, despite running a session at its Ignite conference last month on exactly this subject.…

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Capita lights One Revenues and Benefits bug bonfire: ALL reports older than 12 months to be ignored

12 December - 09:15

Problem: We have to do work. Solution: Delete all the work!

Capita has told local councils up and down Britain that it will be closing all bug reports for its One Revenues and Benefits software suite which are more than 12 months old – even though these include flaws in the way student loans and housing benefits are calculated and paid.…

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LightAnchors array: LEDs in routers, power strips, and more, can sneakily ship data to this smartphone app

12 December - 08:02

Talk about gone in a flash

Video  A pentad of bit boffins have devised a way to integrate electronic objects into augmented reality applications using their existing visible light sources, like power lights and signal strength indicators, to transmit data.…

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You cannae break the laws of physics, cap'n... Boffins call BS on 'impossible' black hole, fear readings were botched

12 December - 06:55

We knew it was too good to be true

Updated  An impossibly massive black hole that defied conventional theories has been called into question after multiple researchers suggested the data used to estimate the object’s mass may have been wrong.…

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Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data

12 December - 06:06

Nine 'commercial models' to access central database mulled at hush-hush meeting

Exclusive  Talks to package millions of British medical records into a vast, commercially valuable database that may then be sold on are already underway between NHS England bosses and global giants, documents exclusively obtained by The Register show.…

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You had one job, Cupertino: Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection actually gets tracking protection

12 December - 05:35

Gap in browser privacy tech embarrassingly detected by Google

Apple on Tuesday updated its Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) system in its WebKit browser engine because it could be tracked.…

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Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States

12 December - 02:03

House of Representatives OKs Trump plan because it wants federal parents to take time off

President Trump’s dream of a special space force have come true just before Christmas, with the US House of Representatives approving the new zero-gravity guardians in a monster military bill on Wednesday.…

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How many steps was that, then? Uncle Sam's lawyers, watchdog race to probe Google's Fitbit gobble

12 December - 00:32

Justice Department wins chance to track fitness-tracking purchase

The US Department of Justice has beat out the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to become the top dog in an antitrust review of Google’s proposed purchase of fitness tracker Fitbit.…

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Cisco slips on a Tolkien ring: One chip design to rule them all, one design to find them. One design to bring them all...

11 December - 22:02

And in the darkness bind them – to next year's IT budgets

Cisco has launched a single chip architecture that it claims will work well in network routing and switching gear, and manage data better than existing processors in both categories.…

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Colorado cryptocoin execs spark up blunt '$722m ponzi scheme' criminal charges after investments go up in smoke

11 December - 21:21

Dude, pass the indictment

Three men have been arrested and charged with masterminding what prosecutors claimed is a $722m cryptocurrency ponzi scheme.…

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Non-unicorn $700 e-scooter shop Unicorn folds with no refunds – after blowing all its cash on online ads

11 December - 20:29

Early adopters left out of pocket as winter and Facebook costs kill biz

In a savage blow to the notion of nominative determinism, e-scooter startup Unicorn is shutting down after blowing all its money on Facebook ads.…

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How much cheese does one person need to grate? Mac Pro pricing unveiled

11 December - 19:30

El Reg checks all the boxes. Dell: 'Hold my beer'

Apple's Mac Pro turned up on the company's website this week and, yep, it's eye-wateringly expensive.…

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$13m+ Swiss Army Knife of blenders biz collapses to fury of 20,000 unfulfilled punters

11 December - 18:30

Not cool, Coolest Cooler backers say

If you want to hear a tale of woe, you don't need to dust off some Dostoyevsky – just head to Kickstarter, which has no shortage of stiffed punters and failed projects. The latest example in a long line of crowdfunding cockups is the Coolest Cooler, which raised over $13m in 2014 and collapsed earlier this week with 20,000 orders unfulfilled.…

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Careful with that Axe, Eugene: Excessive use of body spray causes school bus evacuation

11 December - 17:30

You are the weakest Lynx

A salutary warning arrived this week for those seeking to impress at the Christmas disco after a school bus had to be unloaded due to an excessive discharge of body spray.…

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Bad news: KeyWe Smart Lock is easily bypassed and can't be fixed

11 December - 16:30

Good news? There is no good news

File this one under "not everything needs a computer in it". Finnish security house F-Secure today revealed a vulnerability in the KeyWe Smart Lock that could let a sticky-fingered miscreant easily bypass it.…

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Huawei 5G kit in Faroe Islands: Chinese ambassador 'linked Huawei contract to ... trade deal' – report

11 December - 15:30

Hot mic snafu reportedly caught by TV station

Updated  China's ambassador to Denmark has reportedly threatened to kill off a proposed free trade deal unless the semiautonomous Faroe Islands sign a deal with Huawei for 5G mobile network equipment.…

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