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Market News

Market News

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Industry News

Another Cloning - Be Careful

Posted: 1 February

Another Cloning - Be Careful

There is FAKE person claiming to work for Turan Trade & using the name David Soussan.

This is a FAKE person - Do not be fooled

FAKE Skype ID = live:david-yisan

This is NOT the real David Soussan!

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Be Aware - Attempted CLONING

Posted: 23 January

Please be aware a *FAKE* person is trying to clone *Yonida International Trading Corp* using a REAL employees name.

This FAKE person does NOT work for Yonida

FAKE email - yonidatradingcorp@outlook.com

FAKE Number - +13603627640

Be very careful

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More Industry Cloning’s

Posted: 23 November

More Industry Cloning’s

IPT have been informed of 3+ more attempted cloning’s in recent days – *Please be very careful*

Some fraudsters are CLONING huge companies like Exertis, BT. Plus some are using FAKE skypes & emails for smaller companies as well. 

But of course huge companies lie BT & Exertis will not be contacting traders to buy goods …… NEVER. 

You must be professional and check not only...

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Trade Warning - about DATZ24

Posted: 22 November

Trade Warning - about DATZ24

Dear all,

We inform you that we lost Money 235k !! Company Datz24 GMBH took our money and did not release the goods.

It was payment for Toshiba HDTB310EK3AA x 6000pcs

Please alert it.

Thank you



Managing Director


Tel: +49 (0) 721 - 91 56 7777
Fax: +49 (0) 721 - 91 56...

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Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Posted: 4 October
European Commission - Fact Sheet

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Brussels, 4 October 2017

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Why does the EU's VAT system need reform?

The current VAT rules for cross-border trade between businesses in EU Member States date back to 1993, just after the creation of the Single Market. At the time, they were meant to be transitional. The rules do not take into account technological...

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UAE firms must prove VAT-compliance

Posted: 25 September

UAE logistics firms must prove VAT-compliance
by ASC Staff on Sep 25, 2017, www.arabiansupplychain.com

Companies operating in the UAE will need to prove their VAT compliance to tax officials, according to Girish Chand, director, MCA Chartered Accountants, who spoke at the VAT Talks conference in Dubai.

The sessions were held to discuss the impact of VAT on business operations, especially their supply chain, working capital, commercial operations...

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The Latest VAT Tribunal Cases

Posted: 12 July

The Latest VAT Tribunal Cases

Hi all, this is for information.

To assist you find the latest decisions we have found the links.

Click the links below to see the decisions of the relevant cases:


Full Decision Link - Click Here


Full Decision Link - Click Here


Full Decision Link - Click Here
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Warning - More Cloning Attempts

Posted: 12 February

Warning - EVEN More Cloning Attempts

Please be as careful as possible when doing your deals & checks.

We have more reports of attempted clonings  - from giving others vat numbers to changing bank details on invoices and trying to defraud companies.

Most will have slightly different email addresses to the REAL web address which you can google to find. always call the real company and ask for the person to check!

Note: This is especially...

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News feed - The Register

A dog DNA database? You must be barking

22 February - 16:55

Thousands of livestock attacks give police paws for thought

Police have revealed plans to take the lead on tracking down hounds that attack livestock - a dog DNA database.…

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Nobody expects the social media inquisition! OK, everybody did, UK politicos

22 February - 16:19

MPs want to know what the kids are up to

The UK Commons Select Committee for Science and Technology has begun taking submissions for an inquiry into the "Impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health".…

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Mobile network O2 UK leaps into 5G test bed with Greenwich trial

22 February - 15:37

First taste of 5G for consumers, but will it make any cash?

O2 UK is the latest operator to jump on the "5G test bed" bandwagon, with plans to trial the tech at the iconic former Millennium Dome in North Greenwich later this year.…

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Arm emits designs to add iSIM tech to Internet of Stuff

22 February - 14:19

I SIM, you SIM, we all SIM for iSIM

Arm has made public the designs to shove SIM technology into ever more connected gizmos by building an iSIM, along with a cellular modem and microcontroller, onto a single chip.…

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Worldwide smartphone shipments slip for first time ever: Apple and Samsung hit

22 February - 13:23

Chinese phone giants grow, the big 5 are out in cold

The global smartphone market is shrinking for the first time as choosey buyers in emerging markets hang on to their mobiles for longer.…

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Lloyds Banking Group to splash £3bn on tech

22 February - 12:54

IT spend will 'reduce overheads'. You mean branch closures?

Lloyds Banking Group is to splash £3bn on IT investment, amid a major outsourcing and cost-cutting programme.…

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Putting the urgency in emergency: UK's delayed emergency services network review... delayed

22 February - 12:06

These 'resets take time' says ex IBM head

A review of the government's delayed emergency services network intended to replace the national radio infrastructure with a 4G network has itself been delayed by more than half a year.…

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RIP, Swype: Thanks for all the sor--speec--speedy texting

22 February - 11:27

Pioneering gesture keyboard given bullet by owner Nuance

One of the best-loved mobile apps of the past decade, Swype, has been given the bullet. Parent company Nuance confirmed it will no longer develop the letter-tracing keyboard, which will disappear from the Apple and Google app stores.…

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SAP HANA: Concerns remain over tech skills, complexity, licensing - survey

22 February - 10:59

Most deployments now complete on time and on budget… It only took 7 years

Customer confusion and a lack of technical skills are still dogging migration to SAP HANA, but the days of deployment horror stories are fading, according to a report penned by an integrator.…

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Real talk: Why are you hanging on to that non-performant disk?

22 February - 10:35

Tiers stream.... down your face. When you lose something you cannot replace

Analysis  Generations of change have produced layers of storage that are a challenge to manage.…

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Blockchain nears peak hype: UK politicos to probe crypto-coin

22 February - 10:12

Digi currencies falling under glare of Treasury committee

Hot on the heels of Bitcoin’s dramatic rise and fall - and rise, British parliamentarians have decided to launch an inquiry into digital currencies.…

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Don't worry, Eugene Kaspersky. Acronis is just busting a security move...

22 February - 09:31

Oh and a touch of HCI, says data protector as it waltzes into adjacent markets

Analysis  Data protector Acronis is building hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) kit for release in 2019 and developing a security product slated for 2020 – markets in little danger of being under-served.…

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Contain yourself – literally. You can't avoid Docker, K8s for long

22 February - 09:01

Death reports of containerization biz somewhat exaggerated

Comment  Do you remember those guys that invented virtualization, founded a company, got rich and lived happily ever after, remembered fondly by all? Well, that’s almost the story of VMware. But we might see a different story with some of the people behind Docker.…

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Samsung left off Google's new official Androids-for-biz list

22 February - 08:29

Five carriers make the cut, plus 32 mobile management apps - and four Chinese phone-makers

Google has launched an Android Enterprise Recommended program it says "makes it simple for businesses to confidently select, deploy and manage Android devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google" and has left Samsung off the list.…

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Who wanted a future in which AI can copy your voice and say things you never uttered? Who?!

22 February - 08:03

Don't worry, this technology isn't very convincing... er, yet

Artificially intelligent software can listen to someone's voice only a few times, and then speak just like them, like some kind of creepy cybernetic myna bird... according to a paper published by researchers from Baidu.…

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uTorrent file-swappers urged to upgrade after PC hijack flaws fixed

22 February - 07:33

Don't say we didn't warn you

Users of uTorrent should grab the latest versions of the popular torrenting tools: serious security bugs, which malicious websites can exploit to commandeer PCs, were squashed this week in the software.…

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Europe's Unified Patent Court fate in the balance amid German probing (yes, Brexit is in the mix)

22 February - 07:08

Hör auf damit!

The German Constitutional Court has agreed to hear a case about the legitimacy of the European Unified Patent Court (UPC), raising doubts over the future of a single patent court for Europe.…

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Venezuela floats its own oily cryptocurrency to save the world economy

22 February - 06:05

Perhaps it should start at home, where people are fleeing due to lack of food?

Venezuela has launched what it claims is "the first State-issued cryptoasset" and asserts it will fix long-standing problems caused by the USA's 1933 abandonment of the gold standard and restore order to the world economy.…

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Hey, you. App dev. You like secure software? Let's learn from Tinder, Facebook's blunders

22 February - 05:28

API holes would let miscreants spy on sexting lovers

App developers should take a long, hard look at how they use Facebook's Account Kit for identifying users – after a flaw in the system, and Tinder's use of the toolkit, left shag-seekers open to account hijacking.…

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New Google bias lawsuit claims company fired chap who opposed discrimination

22 February - 04:32

Ad giant says complainant's posts went beyond 'lively debate', on Damore and more

The lawsuit sparked by the sexist screed penned by former Google employee has a bitter sequel, after another former Google employee has sued on grounds his opposition to Damore's memo and other discriminatory acts at the company saw him dismissed.…

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US state legal supremos show lots of love for proposed CLOUD Act (a law to snoop on citizens' info stored abroad)

22 February - 02:21

When government, tech firms agree – check the fine print

The attorneys general of 35 US states on Wednesday signed an open letter calling for the quick passage of the Clarify Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act – with some qualifications.…

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Guys, you're killing us! LA Times homicide site hacked to mine crypto-coins on netizens' PCs

22 February - 00:29

And they say there's no money to be made in newspapers

A Los Angeles Times' website has been silently mining crypto-coins using visitors' web browsers and PCs for several days – after hackers snuck mining code onto its webpages.…

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IBM Java CTO: Devs shouldn't have to learn Docker, K8s, 30 other things to deploy an app

22 February - 00:09

Big Blue's Duimovich chats cloud and more to El Reg

Index  At IBM's Index developer conference in San Francisco, on Tuesday, The Register sat down with Big Blue's Java CTO John Duimovich to talk about the Java programming language, IBM, the cloud and other developer-oriented concerns.…

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Guess who else Spectre is haunting? Yes, it's AMD. Four class-action CPU flaw lawsuits filed

21 February - 22:43

Punters not happy with handling of vulnerability confessions

It's not just Intel facing a legal firestorm over its handling of the Spectre and Meltdown CPU design flaws – AMD is also staring at a growing stack of class-action complaints related to the chip vulnerabilities.…

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The YouTube crackdown on fake news: Promoting bonkers Florida school shooting conspiracies

21 February - 20:29

Google, you're doing a heck of a job

Comment  YouTube is under fire again for promoting fake news, despite promising repeatedly in recent weeks that it is improving its systems to limit the exposure to false information.…

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Qualcomm disappointed by Broadcom's 'inadequate' shrinking package

21 February - 20:20

Snapdragon giant confirms: Size really does matter

Qualcomm has told Broadcom to – and this is a technical term, here – go screw itself after Broadcom cynically lowered its per-share buyout offer to the Snapdragon chipset designer.…

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Bright idea: Make H when the Sun shines, and H when it doesn't

21 February - 16:54

German boffins design solar reactor that, er, works at night

Researchers in Cologne, Germany, have successfully demonstrated a solar reactor known as CONTISOL, which promises to be able make hydrogen day and night while running on little more than air and sunlight.…

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If at first you don't succeed, you're likely Intel: Second Spectre microcode fix emitted

21 February - 16:11

Mitigations for chip design vulnerabilities, take two

Updated  For the second time of asking, Intel has issued microcode updates to computer makers that it prays says will mitigate the Spectre variant two design flaw impacting generations of x86 CPUs spewed out over previous decades.…

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Brexit to better bumpkin broadband, 4G coverage for farmers – Gove

21 February - 15:35

Better mobile coverage in Kenya than parts of Kent

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has promised to use the cash Blighty no longer has to give to the EU to subsidise rural connectivity.…

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Bosch and Daimler jump in together on driverless vehicle tech

21 February - 15:07

Self-parking cars - and a lot of practical R&D going on

BCW18  Bosch’s Connected World conference opened with a demo of its automated valet technology. Though the firm’s chief exec, Volkmar Denner, drove the car up to its drop-off point, the self-parking mode failed to engage.…

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Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you

21 February - 14:24

You still need two Google apps to do everything, though

“Android Pay” is no more, as Google attempts to unify its disparate transaction options under one brand. The redesigned, rebranded Google Pay app – which supersedes Android Pay – is already in the Google Play Store.…

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UK data controllers to pay ICO up to £2.4k more a year when GDPR kicks in

21 February - 13:58

Gov’s bid to keep cash in data protection watchdog’s coffers

The UK government has revealed plans to increase the top tier of annual fees for data controllers from £500 to £2,900 in an attempt to ensure the Brit privacy watchdog has enough cash to function.…

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World's cyber attacks hit us much harder in past year – major infosec chief survey

21 February - 13:28

Cisco report: Smacked orgs forked out $500k due to attacks

Cyber security breaches were twice as severe in the past year, with total financial losses reaching $500,000 (£356,00) per business, according to an extensive survey of CISOs across the globe.…

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Gemini is shipping and we've got one. This is what it's like

21 February - 12:45

Hands on with the reborn Psion

Exclusive  It's here. They've really gone and done it, made a modern Psion: a brand new computer that fits in your pocket and that you can touch-type on and everything.…

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Rock-a-byte, baby: IoT tot-monitoring camera lets miscreants watch 10,000s of kids online

21 February - 12:00

Serious flaws found in Chinese family webcam – new claim

More than 52,000 internet-connected Mi-Cam baby monitors are broadcasting sound and video to whoever comes looking, researchers have claimed.…

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Euro Space Agency probe begins search for guff gas on Mars

21 February - 11:49

Do we mean methane? You're darn tootin'

The European Space Agency's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) is to conduct its final aerobraking manoeuvre this evening prior to starting its mission of sniffing for Martian methane.…

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Use ad blockers? Mine some Monero to get access to news, says US site

21 February - 11:17

Cryptocurrency trend moves into publishing as Salon comes up with plan to make customers pay

US website Salon.com has decided that if people want to block its ads, they should pay in another way - by allowing the biz to use their computing power to mine for cryptocurrency.…

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A game to 'vaccinate' people against fake news? Umm... Fake news

21 February - 10:41

Boffins' plan to prime the public against misinformation nice idea but misses mark

Separating fact from fiction is a very different challenge in the fake news age, and there’s no end of people ready to opine on how to do it. Now boffins from famed Brit university Cambridge have decided to get in on the action by launching a game to "vaccinate" the public against it.…

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London Mayor's chief digi officer: 'Have faith and give us a chance'

21 February - 10:02

Theo Blackwell says data can help capital cope with 1m more bods

Cynics could be forgiven for seeing the Mayor of London’s newly created six-figure chief digital officer role as a policy wonk title. Speaking to The Register on a rainy morning at City Hall, Theo Blackwell describes it as "a digital leadership role."…

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Beef up on DevOps, CD and Containers AND save pounds...

21 February - 09:35

Continuous Lifecycle early bird tickets only hanging around another seven days

Our early bird tickets offer for Continuous Lifecycle London expires in a week, so if you want to learn from our lineup of DevOps, Continuous Integration and Container experts and save a bundle as well, you need to act now.…

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Windows slithers on to Arm, legless?

21 February - 09:01

It can't be worse than RT - and isn't

Comment  Perhaps more by accident or design, Microsoft managed to lower expectations for Windows on Arm last week – but not set them so low it kills off interest in the platform.…

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Oh, Bucket! AWS in S3 status-checking tool free-for-all

21 February - 08:26

'Your data is waiting for the internet to download it' warning lights are now free

Amazon Web Services has signalled it's still worried about poorly configured buckets in its Simple Storage Service (S3) by making one of the tools to manage them free.…

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Careful with the 'virtual hugs' says new FreeBSD Code of Conduct

21 February - 08:03

Cue virtual outrage and actual culture wars skirmishes

The FreeBSD project completely updated its code-of-conduct in early February, complete with a definition of "harassment" that included "Physical contact and simulated physical contact (e.g., textual descriptions like "*hug*" or "*backrub*") without consent or after a request to stop." And as will happen these days, considerable controversy and vivid online debate has been the result.…

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AMD lures Cisco's server CTO into Epyc new data center gig

21 February - 07:33

He's also a player on the Transaction Processing Performance Council

Exclusive  AMD's push into servers has accelerated just a little after the chip-designer wooed Cisco's chief technology officer for UCS servers to join its ranks.…

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Bad news: 43% of login attempts 'malicious' Good news: Er, umm...

21 February - 07:04

Also bad: Unpatched systems, unsecured APIs, IoT gear, anthrax candy, bottomless pits

An extraordinary 43 per cent of all attempted online account logins are malicious, Akamai claims in its latest internet security report.…

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Boffins: If AI eggheads could go ahead and try to stop their code being evil, that'd be great

21 February - 06:32

All right! Now let's get regula– uh, debating, study concludes

AI experts have emitted a lengthy report spitballing how intelligent software may be turned against us humans in the near future.…

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This job Win-blows! Microsoft made me pull '75-hour weeks' in a shopping mall kiosk

21 February - 06:05

Booth manager claims she was stiffed on overtime, Redmond denies any wrongoing

A former Microsoft retail manager is suing the software giant for making her work long hours without overtime and breaks.…

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Australia joins the 'decrypt it or we'll legislate' club

21 February - 04:58

At least it only wants to break crypto after getting a warrant

Australia's home affairs minister Peter Dutton has waded into the global crypto debate, uttering the familiar demand that the tech sector provide what the politicians want while adding that the government will protect Australians from cyber-threats.…

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Q: Why did the Cisco cross the network? A: To automate what's on the other side

21 February - 03:31

Switchzilla wants telcos to let it drive all their kit, regardless of who made it

Cisco's extended its Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and WAN Automation Engine in the hope that service providers will see them as a way to achieve automated management of all the kit in their networks, regardless of who made it.…

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Ayyy-EYE! Google code 'predicts heart disease' by eyeballing retinas

21 February - 02:34

Eye see what you did, there, machine-learning boffins

AI researchers at Google have developed algorithms that can assess the risk of heart attacks by analyzing retinal scans.…

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